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Arts Underground - Whitehorse Yukon 

February 7th - 29th, 2020

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July 19th to September 19th, 2019 

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Arts Underground - Whitehorse Yukon 

April 5th - 27th, 2019 

'As Above, So Below' by Jamella Hagen in Whitehorse, Canada.

Hagen's poem was taken from a collaborative project with sculpturer Cat Jamnicky who created a piece by the same name.

Jamnicky's sculpture of an iceberg featured broken glass from a recent car crash she had been in. "I thought that was fascinating, because many of us have this ambivalent relationship with our cars given what we know about climate change, and here was this sculpture of melting ice that incorporated the windshield of the artist's car." wrote Hagen in her submission.

The poem was displayed at the Keck Array in the South Pole. It is one of the two telescopes that exhibitor and scientist Sinan Kefeli used for his work during his time at the pole. His project in Antarctica aims to "look at the first fraction of a second after the Big Bang." The telescope is cooled down to -273 C (0.3 degrees warmer than absolute zero) and uses superconducting technology to pick up on the weak traces left behind by the Big Bang.

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